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  • Robert to West Point instead of to colle●ge.Robert was to be
  • a manager and o●wner of large estates and many negr▓
  • oes.He was a high-spirited, high-tempered bo
  • y,▓ brought up principally by wo▓men.The disci
  • pline of four ye●ars at West Point would teach him f▓irst of
  • all to obey, to yield promptly to● authority; and no



reatly in the trainin●g of mamma’s willing but raw servants. The▓ old lady was most regular in taking her daily ●drives and always insisted on my mothe


r’●s going with her.It was a great amusemen▓t to her to see the preparations made.Aunt● Blythe was big and heavy and always wore black ▓satin slippers wi

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thout heels.M▓amma said she had never seen her take a step on● mother earth except to and from the carriag▓e, when she was always assisted.She wore an● am

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ple, plainly gathered black silk gown,▓ with waist attached to skirt, cu●t rather low in the neck, and● a white kerchief of fine white net fo▓r morning, a